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A short drive up the creek and through the winding mountains of Pennsylvania, you will come upon a hidden slice of unspoiled paradise called Pine Creek Valley. If you've never visited, you will be instantly enchanted by the calm, clear waters and laid back atmosphere. From the streams to the trails, there is always something to do for everyone in the family. You can hunt, hike, fish, float, paddle, swim, bike, watch wildlife, or just sit out and relax by the fire.

Below we list all of the activities popular in the area, and relevant resources so you can make the most of your adventure vacation in Pine Creek Valley!


Pine Creek Valley boasts the best trout fishing east of the Rocky Mountains, and some of the best fishing holes in the Valley can be found right behind our cabins!  Pine Creek has more miles of stocked steam than any other river in Pennsylvania. Catch -

  • Brown Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Brook Trout
  • Small Mouth Bass

More information can be found at PineCreekValley.com

Fishing licenses, as well as bait and gear, can be obtained at McConnell's Country Store (closest to Heverly Compound) OR  Wolfe's Slate Run General Store and Tackle Shop (closest to Pine Hill Lodge)

For guided fishing tours, reach out to seasoned guide, Julie Szur!


Pine Creek Valley is home to the famous Pine Creek Rail Trail - which boasts 62 miles of gravel-packed trail, available to hikers, bikers, and some sections available to equestrian riders. This trail follows Pine Creek and winds through the stunning mountains at a nearly-flat 2% grade throughout. 

The Rail Trail runs directly in front of the Pine Hill Lodge for easy access to all of your adventures.


Home to the famous 42-mile Black Forrest Trail, the stunning Golden Eagle Trail (said to be the most beautiful hiking trail in the state), and hundreds more miles of pristine trails, Pine Creek Valley is a hiker's paradise. 

Click Here for more information and to access trail maps throughout the area. 


Hunting of all seasons is renowned in the Pine Creek Valley. The mountains surrounding the valley host one of the most productive bear habitats in the nation. The second largest bear ever taken in the US came from this area; an 857 pound monster! Turkey and deer hunting are also a favorite of locals and visitors alike. In October of 2018, a guest shot a 10 point buck on a nearby game land.

We can help you find those hot-spots to catch your own trophy!

More information can also be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission website.


Kayak, canoe, boat, or float - Pine Creek is one of Pennsylvania's most-used recreational creeks. With various boat-launches up and down the creek, you can explore so many different areas by different means. Our Pine Creek Lodge is directly on Pine Creek, and the perfect home base for a float trip! All other cabins on the Heverly Compound are directly on Little Pine Creek, which can offer an amazing float trip when the creek is high!

Click Here for more information on all of the water-activities you can enjoy in the Valley. 

You can also rent a number of different crafts to support your adventures at Pine Creek Outfitters.


Pine Creek Valley is home to some of the most active wildlife, much of which you can see right from the back door of your cabin. The Valley is home to about half a dozen Bald Eagle nests, two of which are quite close to each compound and offer regular sightings of the majestic birds. Hummingbirds can also be found throughout, and especially love our hummingbird feeders. You may also spot deer, bears, fox, mink, and many other critters. 

Here is a video of Bald Eagles in Pine Creek Valley.


Pine Creek Valley isn't just for the avid outdoorsemen. The Valley has become a foodie, wine, and shopping destination in recent years, with cute, quirky shops and delicious restaurants popping up all over. Every turn along the creek will host a new surprise to explore - but we've curated a list of our local favorites just for you. Visit our Where to Go page and find links to all of the PCV hot spots!


Cabins on the Pine

For any activity recommendations and to book your stay, reach out to Judy! 

860-460-4806 | cabinsonthepine@gmail.com


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